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Agribusiness and integrated operations are dependent on abundant water and energy. It can turn out to be an expensive affair in case appropriate science is not applied for the farms and demanding plantations.
Bios Green Power seemingly is a unique solution to many complex problems. It can be used for the treatment of various types of soil, parks and problematic areas of irrigating. It can be used in dry soils as well as deserts where the sand percentage is very high.

It contains new generation organic biodegradable compounds that minimize surface tension in the water used for watering/irrigation subsurface layers.

Bios Green power is based on compounds that can compress water molecules to smaller molecular dimensions. Consequently, it can penetrate rapidly, effectively, and evenly into the soil and keeps the active growth layers moistened in sufficient depth and extent. It aids the growth and penetration of roots deep into the soil.

Reduces costs due to considerable savings in the amount of water used for watering. The savings can be up to 25-30% depending on conditions of use.

Areas of use:

Reduce the surface tension of water used in watering/irrigation of various soil substrates.
Golf courses, parks, playgrounds, and dry spots.
Manual watering or irrigation systems.
Spreader for costly nutrient treatments


No need for frequent watering.
Saves water
Saves expensive energy
Improves soil condition.
No adverse effect of pipeline and drip