Copper and Steel Industry

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Biosmetal can be used as an emulgator, surface tension remover, friction minimizer in high pressure and temperature environments.

Biosmetal in Steel and Copper Industry

Biosmetal can be used in the copper tube factory. The product should be dosed straight into the cooling water tank. The target is to keep the water’s surface tension as low as possible and keep the tube’s cooling process as fast and as safe as possible.

In the steel industry, it is used for cleaning the micro carbon particles. It is a safe product for application, storage, and handling compared to many corrosive and harmful chemicals used. 

Biosmetal is entirely biodegradable and environmentally safe.


Assist in Improvement of the Metal quality
No oxidation layers,
Reduced effervescence
Expeditious cooling process 
Mitigate water surface tension, condensation or hardening water